December 11, 2012

You can be excellent word art

I am working on a little project for my kids' bathroom. I thought I would share a png file of the word art I created. This is designed to be a 4x6 aspect ratio. You can change up the colors of the background and text any way you want. Here is how you do it.

1. Open png File
You should have a transparent background. That's what the grey and white checkers mean.

2. Make a New Layer
Go to file > Layer > New > Layer. Or on my version I just type Ctrl + Shift + N to get a new layer. Once you have your layer, drag it to the bottom in your layers pallet.

3. Choose Background Color
Click on the color icon on your tool pallet and from there you can select a color, or use the eye dropper tool to pick a color from a photo, or scrapbook paper.

4. Use Paint Bucket to add background color
Make sure you have the correct layer selected (the bottom one) and click to "paint" the background with the paint bucket tool.

5. Make a New Layer Above the png file
Make a new layer that will become the color of the png (or in our case the text). I chose white. Use the paint bucket tool to make the whole layer white. You can't see the text underneath, but that's okay. In the next step you will make the magic happen!

6. Type Ctrl + G
Make sure that you have the top layer selected and that the two layers are next to each other on the layers pallet. Hold down the Ctrl key and the "G" at the same time. This make a clipping mask. You can do this with solid colors, like we did here, patterns, or even photos. This is one of my favorite tricks in Photoshop.

So here is a link to download the png file so that you can customize your own. You could even do a chalkboard looking background and make it look like chalk art. I plan on putting this up in our bathroom right in front of the toilet so that my kids can read it while they are sitting captive for a few moments during the day. I am working on making a whole collage of word arts for this purpose. I hope to show you when it is all done! Check back for more downloads.

Click to download full res png

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DreamMistress said...

This is excellent, you did a great job. Thank you for the tips on how to create Word Art. I am always willing to learn new things and new ways to be more creative.Presently I work on collage pictures and piece pictures together to make a story. I am a person who appreciates any form of art. Keep up the great work and much success in your creativity. Have a wonderful and fulfilling life of happiness.... =)