December 12, 2012

Holy Places Word Art

This is the 2013 theme for young men and young women in the LDS church for 2013. What a powerful message, to stand in holy places and then to be unmovable! Feel free to use this to print out hand outs for your youth, in any color!

I made this to add to my quote wall. See my post about how to customize the colors to match your decor. If you follow the tutorial you can make this any color for the text or background. This is a 4x6 aspect ratio.

I was inspired by this subway art. But, I wanted it to be a little more graphic and customizable because the colors weren't working for me.


Amy said...

I love your 2013 image! I would like to hang it in my YW room as a poster! Would you be so kind as to create a 16x20 or 18x24 image for me?


Twinmomwv said...

Thank you for this! I'm finally getting around to putting together binder for our YW and am including this. Great job!

Taya said...

LOVE this! Would you be willing to do a file in a 16x20 size for us??? We would like to display it at our New Beginnings this week. I could even pay a bit for it...? Does it come in a purple??? Let me know and wanted to let you know you are sooo talented and thanks for sharing;) Taya

Amanda said...

This is great - thanks! I'm not in YW anymore, so I used this to fill a spot on our RS newsletter.

Nicole said...

@Taya and @amy
You can print this in any size. Just open the file in photoshop. Create a new file in the size you would like. Paste this file into the new file. Use a free transform to adjust the size as needed. Hope that helps.