February 11, 2012

Freebie & Tutorial: Valentine's Printable

Here are some cute 4x6 printable Valentines. They are in png format. You can put a photo behind the opening. There are marks where you can punch out holes and add a sucker or a pencil. I did two versions. One in girl colors and another in boy colors. Continue reading to get full directions on how to add a photo and text in Photoshop. Under the images is a download link. Enjoy!!

Link to Download
Link to Download

1. Open in Photoshop

 2. Create a new layer.

 3. Drag your new layer to to bottom.

4. Find the photo you want to add somewhere on your computer. Right click and choose "Open with Photoshop"

5. Once photo is open in Photoshop. Choose the move tool in your layers pallet.

6. Drag the photo over to the Valentine. It should be on the layer beneath the Valentine layer.

7. Type "Crtl + T" to do a free transform. Hold down the shift key to maintain aspect ratio and shrink down and move your photo until it is the size you want and in the place you want it.

8. Add text. Choose the text tool. I used the font: SP You've Got Mail (which unfortunately is no longer available, you used to find it on scrap supply). The other fonts in the card are Pharmacy and Inspiration. Make sure you drag your text layers to the top.

9. You are ready to print. These are 4x6 images and like I said earlier, perfect for adding a heart shaped Valentine's sucker or a pencil.

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